Talent is talent

Teatro Cervantes de Malaga, Spain. Here for Donizetti's opera Elisir D'Amore © Southampton Old Lady
Teatro Cervantes de Malaga, Spain. Here for Donizetti’s opera Elisir D’Amore © Southampton Old Lady


Talent is talent whatever form it takes, I often tell people.

I am often met with surprise at my eclectic taste in art and music. How can I like classical artists such as Velasquez and also like Banksy?

How can I go and listen to a Mozart opera then go and listen to Johnny Rotten at a punk rock concert (they want to add “at your age”). In fact it was Public Image Limited (PIL)John Lydon (Rotten’s real name) moved on from punk in the 80s.

I tell them things like: “John Lydon uses his voice like an instrument which is what an opera singer does” (or a beat box singer for that matter) and that Mozart was a punk in his day who happened to be a creative genius.

My friend who is an opera singer is married to a lead singer in a rock band. They sent me this YouTube clip of Cristina Ramos, a contestant in Spain’s Got Talent 2016 who can sing a beautiful aria just well as a heavy rock number. It really is worth watching until the end…


Cristina Ramos on Spain's Got Talent 2016
Cristina Ramos on Spain’s Got Talent 2016