Fake News: Row over Santa Lies on Mumsnet

"Is this the real Father Christmas?"
“Is this the real Father Christmas?”

It seems that we all grow up with Fake News.  What seems to be important when we find out our parents have lied is:

“Am I still loved? – Has the world Changed? – Will I still get gifts?”

A row over lies to children has erupted this week on Mumsnet

Mumsnet lies about Santa
Mumsnet lies about Santa



One Day I’ll Fly Away & John Lewis spoofs

John Lewis ad 2016
John Lewis ad 2016

This year’s John Lewis ad Buster The Boxer features Randy Crawford’s  One Day I’ll Fly Away, which has been given an electronica twist by Vaults. You can view this HERE

Parady by Joe.uk featuring the US Presidential election 2016
Parody by Joe.co.uk featuring the US Presidential election 2016

In Britain everyone looks forward to the best television Christmas commercial. They are usually big-budget, clever, funny and sad, appealing to the whole family, and quite a topic of conversation. In the last 5 years the most popular title has gone to John Lewis department store, with the exception of Sainsbury’s supermarket’s moving WW2 themed ad in 2014.  As well as being stunningly visual, they often feature remixes of popular tunes that can get to the top of the charts.

Many have ‘sent-up’ this year’s commercial already with spoof remakes – one features House of Pain‘s Jump Up, Jump Up, Jump Around in the second half of the Dirty Fox Parody

But as the commercial came out the day after the USA Presidential election, the best spoof of the John Lewis 2016 Christmas ad has got to be this one by Joe.co.uk, featuring, Trump, Clinton and The Obamas! – Click HERE

Police and Thieves – Junior Murvin

notting hill carnival
Carnival crowd make room for two police women as they dance

My Music Monday choice this week is: Police and Thieves , which is my favourite reggae song of all time. First recorded on Island Records by Jamaican falsetto singer Junior Murvin in 1976. Every rebel must have bought the single and Murvin did many re-releases and there have been many cover versions in Jamaica, USA and Britain.

1976 saw one of the hottest recorded temperatures in the UK and that same year this song became an anthem in the UK after London’s Notting Hill Carnival erupted into a riot between blacks and police.

This led to an independent enquiry lasting many years that eventually meant a recruiting drive for more blacks and other ethnic minorities as well as gays and lesbians joining the Metropolitan Police Force, especially in roles where decisions were made.

A big effort was made to keep the carnival peaceful in the years to follow and nearly every press photo showed white police and scantily-clad black women dancing together in bump and grinds. Notting Hill quickly became a trendy place to live and as white upper-middle classes moved in. House prices escalated, forcing many black families who had lived in the area since the 50s out.

In 2015 with police on high alert for terrorists, the Carnival saw around 100 arrests, mainly for agitators and people with drugs or weapons.

No-one knows what the atmosphere will be like this year. Brexit has brought about a number of racist groups in clashes with anti-fascist ones and people are worried about terrorists and that the happy days collaboration between police and crowds is long over. It is still a big pull for tourists to Britain, but like most things here – so much may depend on the weather.

Time Out Guide to Notting Hill Carnival August 2016

Pulp – Common People

common people

For my Music Monday I am posting a video-track of Common People by Pulp.

Lead singer Jarvis Cocker based this song on actual words spoken to him from a fellow art student.

For me this summed up the Brit Pack art and music culture of the 90s

Nowadays the British working class doesn’t seem to have any representatives – it certainly isn’t the Labour Party any more.

Power Games Mash-up

Tony Blair

House of Cards

In the House of Cards

The road to power is paved with hypocracy and casualties

God deals us different hands

But power without compassion

is the worst kind of evil there is

You may think that…

But I couldn’t possibly comment


Michael gove


All Hail! Thane of Cawdor

Fair is foul and foul is fair

Look like the innocent flower,

But be the serpent under it.

Though Birnam wood be come to Dunsinane

Confusion now has made his masterpiece

Is this a dagger which I see before me?



Game of Thrones

Nothing burns like the cold

When you play the game of thrones

you win or lose

There is no middle ground

The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever

than the men who laugh at them

Winter is coming

You Know Nothin' Jon Snow

You know nothing Jon Snow

July 5th 2016 – Southampton Old Lady



Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think

Public Enemy performing at  Bestival's Common People
Public Enemy performing at Bestival’s Common People

Music Monday is the second post in my series of tracks: where I put in a link to a piece of  music that leaves me thinking.

I saw the US band Public Enemy at Bestival’s Common People Festival in Southampton last week. It wasn’t until they played their last number “Harder Than You Think” that I recognised it from the 2012 Disabled Olympics.

The track is also used as the theme tune on Britain’s Channel 4’s spin-off series from the Olympics: The Last Leg – a comedy chat-show with news about celebrities and politics in relation to disabilities.

It got me thinking, then I listened to a few of the versions of this on YouTube. Here’s the link:

Public Enemy –  “Harder Then You Think”


Edinburgh Surprise by Avital Raz

Avital Raz - making people feel uncomfortable since 1995.
Avital Raz – making people feel uncomfortable since 1995.

Music Monday is part of my new series where I put in a link to a piece of  music that leaves me thinking.

“The Edinburgh Surprise(contains nudity and harsh language)

Also known as “Fucked in the arse for Peace” (Listen to the last part of the tape and you’ll know why).

Single from album The Believer by Avital Raz Featuring Pete Harvey. I had never heard of Avital Raz until she visited Southampton and performed at the Art House Café. Think of a modern-day female version of Leonard Cohen.

Link to Track:  https://youtu.be/k3P6UCqSMO0


Flashmob 1: The Artful Tax Dodgers

I love flash-mobs and the British, with their love of theatre put the drama into them.

cameron flashmob

Click here:  “You gotta pick a pocket or 2 Dave” by the Artful Tax Dodgers

Yesterday an impromptu musical group protested about the British Government allowing tax-havens and tax-loopholes for the richest in society while pressing hard on the common person to wring every penny of tax out of them. The flash mob took place outside the gates of a building where Prime Minister David Cameron drove past on his way to a meeting on taxes.

"Gotta Pick a Pocket or 2, Dave" - by The Artful Tax Dodgers - courtesy RT
“Gotta Pick a Pocket or 2, Dave” – by The Artful Tax Dodgers – courtesy RT