Fake News: Row over Santa Lies on Mumsnet

"Is this the real Father Christmas?"
“Is this the real Father Christmas?”

It seems that we all grow up with Fake News.  What seems to be important when we find out our parents have lied is:

“Am I still loved? – Has the world Changed? – Will I still get gifts?”

A row over lies to children has erupted this week on Mumsnet

Mumsnet lies about Santa
Mumsnet lies about Santa



One Day I’ll Fly Away & John Lewis spoofs

John Lewis ad 2016
John Lewis ad 2016

This year’s John Lewis ad Buster The Boxer features Randy Crawford’s  One Day I’ll Fly Away, which has been given an electronica twist by Vaults. You can view this HERE

Parady by Joe.uk featuring the US Presidential election 2016
Parody by Joe.co.uk featuring the US Presidential election 2016

In Britain everyone looks forward to the best television Christmas commercial. They are usually big-budget, clever, funny and sad, appealing to the whole family, and quite a topic of conversation. In the last 5 years the most popular title has gone to John Lewis department store, with the exception of Sainsbury’s supermarket’s moving WW2 themed ad in 2014.  As well as being stunningly visual, they often feature remixes of popular tunes that can get to the top of the charts.

Many have ‘sent-up’ this year’s commercial already with spoof remakes – one features House of Pain‘s Jump Up, Jump Up, Jump Around in the second half of the Dirty Fox Parody

But as the commercial came out the day after the USA Presidential election, the best spoof of the John Lewis 2016 Christmas ad has got to be this one by Joe.co.uk, featuring, Trump, Clinton and The Obamas! – Click HERE

Poem from Found Print 5: SMA-CK

Fifth in my series of poems reworked from found trivial printed matter

From Virgin Media promotional magazine 2016 © Southampton Old Lady
From Virgin Media promotional magazine 2016 © Southampton Old Lady



(View the big star. Get more than means. A-lister in hi-def!)


Critical drama

man and Sars

with touch

Disciple is own

begin new

BBQ scene

escalates the nightmare

man slaps misbehaving

on lifetime

Poem reworked from Virgin Media 2016 pg 7

© Southampton Old Lady