Christmas (Baby please come home)

For my Music Monday (a little late) here is Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby please come home) – Reblogged from Restawyle another music video-blogger


Monday 5th December 2016


Gerry A/C 2016©



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Netflix – The Crown

Just a reminder – the first 10 of the series can be seen on Netflix from November 4th 2016



the-crown-netflixStreets are being blown up in Winchester today – not far from my city in Hampshire, as part of Netlflix/Sony filming a big-budget historical drama series called The Crown.

College Street and Kingsgate Street have all been cordoned off  except for actors costumed in 40s attire, and rubble has been placed outside The Wykeham Arms pub for the re-enactment of World War II scenes.

The Wykeham Arms

The Wykeham Pub and Cornflowers on College Street, Winchester The Wykeham Pub and Cornflowers on College Street, Winchester

I expect that Hampshire Council will well-paid for this inconvenience – at £100 million, the filming budget is said to be the most expensive television show ever produced in Britain.

My family and friends have travelled to various parts of Britain to work as extras since filming commenced last October. Despite having signed secrecy contracts, the scenes at weddings, funerals and stately homes are all over the internet. Netflix have also released a trailor on…

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The Curiosity Emporium — The Watercolour Journals

Erica Lowe is having a pop-up exhibition with my good friend Caroline McCatty at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK. The exhibition will include automata, embellished paintings, embroideries, printed textiles, jewellery and other curiosities and runs from 1st – 13th November. Portrait of Isadora Duncan (detail) My work will include portraits from the intrepid women series and […]

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Bowie’s Art Collection Auction


So it appears that David Bowie’s poignant art collection is to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s. Part 1 takes place in London on the 10th of November, 2016 from 7pm.

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Air Power
Jean-Michel Basquiat – Air Power
Marcel Duchamp - Nude Descending a Staircase, No2
Marcel Duchamp – Nude Descending a Staircase, No2
Damien Hirst - Beautiful, Shattering, Slashing, Violent, Pinky, Hacking Sphincter Painting
Damien Hirst – Beautiful, Shattering, Slashing, Violent, Pinky, Hacking Sphincter Painting

This may be the last chance you get to see these amazing works of art – from Tintoretto to Damien Hirst. So do click HERE to view Sotherby’s online catalogue before that date, as it may be the last chance you will get to see images of them.

Here is my personal favourite:

Leon Kossoff - Dalston Junction
Leon Kossoff – Dalston Junction

Here’s what they say: On the evening of 10 November the most important pieces from the David Bowie Collection will go under the hammer, led by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s magnificent Air Power. At the heart of the auction is Bowie’s collection of 20th-century British Art, which moves from Harold Gilman’s Interior (Mrs Mounter), painted during the First World War, to works by Damien Hirst from the 1990s by way of David Bomberg, Henry Moore, Graham Sutherland, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Caulfield, Frank Auerbach and Leon KossoffThe selection is embellished by keys works by Marcel Duchamp, who Bowie cited as a major influence, and Francis Picabia as well as a 16th-century Venetian altarpiece by Tintoretto.

El mar (Rafael Alberti)

Land’s End, Cornwall © Southampton Old Lady

Further to last week’s Music Monday about the sea, I also lived by the sea in Southern Spain and fell in love with the flamenco culture of the region. Here is part of a poem (with an approximate translation) by Rafael Alberti. He is one of my favourite poets who was born by the sea in Puerto de Santa Maria in the province of Cádiz, Spain, but moved with his family in order to live in Madrid,the capital city, when he was fifteen. Here he expresses his saudade or homesickness for the sea.

Click here too for the words sung in flamenco by  Lady Hagua

El mar. La mar.  The sea (m). The sea (f).
El mar. ¡Sólo la mar!    The sea (m). Only the sea!
¿Por qué me trajiste, padre,   Why did you bring me, father,
a la ciudad?   to the town?
¿Por qué me desenterraste   Why did you unearth me
del mar?   from the sea?
En sueños la marejada   In a dream, the swell
me tira del corazón;  is drawing my heart;
se lo quisiera llevar.  It would like to carry me off.
Padre, ¿por qué me trajiste   Father, why did you bring
acá?  me here?

Five Haiku Poem: Sharp Petals

Reblogging this wonderful 5 Haiku poem that Rose Perez has penned. I have been following her Poet Rummager blog for some time now. She is a creatively random writer who shares unexpected creative posts along with photos by Fly Trap Man. Often dark and humorous, sometimes just blunt or real. Rose Perez sells collectibles and art online and has written a few books too. The muses of Rose Perez are the things ghosts leave behind.

Poet Rummager

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!


I grow sharp petals –

keeping them honed to prevent

love from burgeoning.

Give me lust lilies

and wanton, lecherous buds.

They’re non-invasive.

Like a weed, love creeps –

pervading thoughts and blinding

those who fall down hard.

I stand on my feet –

yanking love vines by their roots

until my yard gleams.

My pristine garden,

like my heart, is clutter-free.

Only gloom blooms here.

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Rooftop Views from the Met Museum

Finding NYC

Many visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art don’t realize that there’s a hidden gem on the roof of the museum – the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden. The Roof Garden is open from May through October each year, and there is a special rooftop exhibition each season. This year’s exhibition is a single, large sculpture by British artist Cornelia Parker titled Transitional Object (PsychoBarn).


The sculpture reminded me of a haunted house, which made a lot of sense once I read the museum’s description of it:

“A large-scale sculpture by acclaimed British artist Cornelia Parker, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper and by two emblems of American architecture—the classic red barn and the Bates family’s sinister mansion from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho—comprises the fourth annual installation of site-specific works commissioned for The Met’s Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden.

Nearly 30 feet…

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Banksy’s Back to School Surprise

Many thanks to Frankie Bean for inviting me as guest blogger. Please do visit if you would like to see street artists from all over the world.

Frankie Beane

banksy back to school

School children in England get excited about their new artwork by Banksy School children in England get excited about their new artwork by Banksy

Some English schoolchildren arrived back at their classroom today (6th June) to find a Banksy masterpiece painted on the side of their building.

The infamous street artist painted a wall of Bridge Farm Primary School, near Bristol, to thank it for honouring him.

The mural which is becoming known as “Back to School”  is of a stick-man drawing of a child rolling a burning tyre. It was made after a seven-year-old pupil won his suggestion of naming one a school house Banksy.

letter Banksy left a letter addressed to the ‘caretaker’ and pinned it next to his artwork

A note was left pinned to the wall next to the artwork addressed to the ‘Caretaker’. He also invited the kids  to add stuff of their own if they didn’t like it. “Remember – it’s alway easier to get forgiveness than permission” he advised.

The Head also…

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