The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

Promotional photo used in 1987 – Guns? How times change!

My Music Monday this week is a song that many might be sick of hearing by now. I cannot believe that it was 30 years ago that I first watched the Pogues perform The Fairytale of New York  on the BBC’s Top Of The Pops. It featured a duet with Shane Macgowan and Kirsty Maccoll and was unlike any other Christmas song I had heard. The song, in the style of an Irish ballad, became so much part of every Christmas that followed –  I remember how shocked everyone was when Kirsty died in a boating accident in December 2000 – it turned from a happy dancing song to a very sad song (which it is really if you take in what they are singing about.)


Punk Wedding: The Rocker Covers

One of the wedding cakes – I daren’t publish the photo of the other…

My husband’s Nephew/Godson got married and we went to his wedding reception at the weekend. Johnny, in his early 50s, has been a punk-rocker since I could remember and we wondered what sort of entertainment could be provided for his extended family of roman catholics of Irish extraction. With it looking more like a Halloween party – complete with skull decorations, black and red themed balloons and two wedding cakes – one black, the other white with iced with expletives – we held our breath.

Their friends The Rocker Covers provided the answer. A talented trio who perform rock-a-billy-style covers of popular songs from the 50s to the present day. They are a serious band with albums and a contract with Greystone Records.

The Rocker Covers are a great band to dance to

So for my Music Monday this week: click on The Rocker Covers’ track ‘American Idiot’ (revved-up) to hear some cool sounds.

My husband who is 80, outdid all the youngsters with The Twist – his era was rock’n’roll. I was brought up on music from the 60s to the 80s, where you shuffled next to someone and did your thing rather than hold on to your partner. So we have invented our own way of dancing with each other – a sort of rock’n’roll / reggae, with a bit of lambada and salsa thrown in from having mixed with Brazilians and Spanish when we lived abroad. He circles me around while I pogo and wiggle my back-side. People think we are professional dancers – but when I am asked to dance by anyone else – they realise that I don’t know any of the formal dance steps.

So we had a great time – and I noticed that the over 50s tended to dance while the younger ones headed towards the room with the bar.

British & Rain (go well together)

If you visit Britain then bring your umbrella, because the rain does not stop us doing anything. There are no rain checks, because the heavier the rain the better the festival …

Very British rain
How’s this for outdoor cinema?
Let’s get cosy
Make a fashion statement with your ‘brolly’
You can still wear your pretty frock
Or you can ditch the umbrella and bring out your fold-up ‘Mac’. Tea anyone?
Or how about ice cream?
Wellington boots are popular for grassy areas. Steak and squid?
We like our curries too
And Fish & Chips
Or good old English burgers and bacon
Or bring your own picnic basket

All photos taken at Goodwood Vintage Festival 2016.© Southampton Old Lady

This is my second WordPress Photo Challenge under the heading H2O


Music Monday: Girls Want

TT & Zara L

For my Music Monday this week click: here

— for a Nº1 performance on The Jonathon Ross Show (ITV, Great Britain), of “Girls Like” by English rapper Tinie Tempah featuring the amazing Zara Larsson.

I think the young Swedish singer has a unique voice which she can belt out with little effort, while Tinie’s really complements hers on his track (and visa versa). This has to be my favourite dance song this year.

(Published on YouTube on April 2nd 2016).

Poem from found print 8: One Across


One across: precise, profitable 

From a team of experts

who can inform you

changes can make

a multitude

of affects

and embraces your future as well;

You can get it throughout the country


The solution?


Tremendous and right time

in every new territory

aid increased production


Call in Superintendent today

They can tell you where these are stored

Never a cross word these lads…

Hope you got that one across


Industrial Development Department,

Strand London WC2



Poem reworked from an ad in the Sphere Sept 1963

August 2016 © Southampton Old Lady


Pulp – Common People

common people

For my Music Monday I am posting a video-track of Common People by Pulp.

Lead singer Jarvis Cocker based this song on actual words spoken to him from a fellow art student.

For me this summed up the Brit Pack art and music culture of the 90s

Nowadays the British working class doesn’t seem to have any representatives – it certainly isn’t the Labour Party any more.

Flashmob 1: The Artful Tax Dodgers

I love flash-mobs and the British, with their love of theatre put the drama into them.

cameron flashmob

Click here:  “You gotta pick a pocket or 2 Dave” by the Artful Tax Dodgers

Yesterday an impromptu musical group protested about the British Government allowing tax-havens and tax-loopholes for the richest in society while pressing hard on the common person to wring every penny of tax out of them. The flash mob took place outside the gates of a building where Prime Minister David Cameron drove past on his way to a meeting on taxes.

"Gotta Pick a Pocket or 2, Dave" - by The Artful Tax Dodgers - courtesy RT
“Gotta Pick a Pocket or 2, Dave” – by The Artful Tax Dodgers – courtesy RT