A warm welcome to my new site dedicated to Art that I have found to have great foresight. It is therefore biased and only includes art I have viewed and experienced personally, whether classical or contemporary, performed or static. Much will be local, though I have travelled to art galleries and festivals throughout the world in my time.  I include famous, infamous and non-famous artists – skilled and unskilled. The main thing is that they have provoked and challenged my thoughts.

Art so Provident is a title I have distorted from a line in Shakespeare’s 10th Sonnet: ‘Since though art so unprovident’ – where he is angered and accuses his muse of being improvident or thoughtless. I have chosen this because that is what many think much of Art is…

The banner is Guernica, by Picasso, who many saw as a con-artist scribbling child-like brush strokes to sell to the highest bidder. The work originally started out on a comment about “The Rape of the Sabines” for a peace exhibition in Paris. While painting this, the horrific bombing of Guernica in  Spain, made in a collaboration between Hitler and Franco to test out weapons on rebellious Basques, shocked the world. After seeing a black and white photo in the daily newspaper, Picasso began a new wall-sized painting of La Guernica to express how he felt when he saw the photo and read the news. After viewing it in the Prado gallery in Madrid – I think it is one of the most expressive paintings I have seen.

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  1. Good luck with your adventure in the world of blogggggging!! Like the new ships sailing off from Southampton on their maiden voyage… May the sea be calm and the crossing full of much pleasure!

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