British & Rain (go well together)

If you visit Britain then bring your umbrella, because the rain does not stop us doing anything. There are no rain checks, because the heavier the rain the better the festival …

Very British rain
How’s this for outdoor cinema?
Let’s get cosy
Make a fashion statement with your ‘brolly’
You can still wear your pretty frock
Or you can ditch the umbrella and bring out your fold-up ‘Mac’. Tea anyone?
Or how about ice cream?
Wellington boots are popular for grassy areas. Steak and squid?
We like our curries too
And Fish & Chips
Or good old English burgers and bacon
Or bring your own picnic basket

All photos taken at Goodwood Vintage Festival 2016.© Southampton Old Lady

This is my second WordPress Photo Challenge under the heading H2O


2 thoughts on “British & Rain (go well together)

  1. Southampton Old Lady – I’m so glad I read the intro to your other blog again – how could I have previously missed the link to this wonderfulness? Are you the lovely lady in the ‘peek-a-boo’ pic?

    What a fun site!!!! I wonder if Angelinos like me find this post in particular even funnier than your fellow Brits would — around here, rain is a minor miracle. At the same time, we’re so spoiled with all our fab weather that many of us (namely me) go into a funk & complain bitterly if it lasts more than a few days.

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