Beyond the Sea / La Mer

For my Music Monday this week are the music and words of La Mer and how it became Beyond the Sea.  Click on each of the names to hear their version 

Beyond the Sea © Southampton Old Lady
p1170694 – a swing band from Reading, England.
Jiving to the Ding Dong Daddios

I went to an event yesterday where the Ding Dong Daddios were playing. I had heard them before at Goodwood Revival. They did one of my favourite songs Beyond the Sea.

Perhaps it is because I live near the sea that I love songs about the sea, but Jack Lawrence took the original french song La Mar, written by Charles Trenet and turned the words into a romantic love song: Beyond the Sea

The most popular version was recorded by Bobby Darin in 1959.

The instrumental version of La Mar was recorded by Django Reinhardt in January 1949, but not released until 1961 after his death.

A better translation into English from the french poem would be these words, which I prefer.

The sea

The sea,

We see dancing along the shores of clear bays,

Shimmers with silver

The sea

Changing shimmers

Under the rain


The sea

With the summer sky

Mix up her white horses

With the angels so pure

The infinite azure shepherdess




By the ponds

Those big wet reeds


Those white birds

And those rusty houses


The sea

Has cradled them

Along the shores of clear bays

And with a love song

The sea

Has rocked my heart for life

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