Five Haiku Poem: Sharp Petals

Reblogging this wonderful 5 Haiku poem that Rose Perez has penned. I have been following her Poet Rummager blog for some time now. She is a creatively random writer who shares unexpected creative posts along with photos by Fly Trap Man. Often dark and humorous, sometimes just blunt or real. Rose Perez sells collectibles and art online and has written a few books too. The muses of Rose Perez are the things ghosts leave behind.

Poet Rummager

Photograph by FlyTrapMan – Click HERE to visit and follow his blog!


I grow sharp petals –

keeping them honed to prevent

love from burgeoning.

Give me lust lilies

and wanton, lecherous buds.

They’re non-invasive.

Like a weed, love creeps –

pervading thoughts and blinding

those who fall down hard.

I stand on my feet –

yanking love vines by their roots

until my yard gleams.

My pristine garden,

like my heart, is clutter-free.

Only gloom blooms here.

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