Poetry from found print: Go middle-class – learn to clean

Another Poem reworked from found trivia print

Go middle-class – learn to clean

Girls are taught to use a dustpan. 1933
Girls are taught to use a dustpan. 1933

Ultimate middle-class Monday

scurry out door early

do pre-cleaning-lady-clean-up

into coffee shop

shame over lattes

not mopping kitchen floor

since help alone

some domestic

driven by under-pay

to do chores




Moan about precious category

respect mollycoddled generation

dirty dishcloth

never to build

never to clean

don’t want to know

don’t pack the end

never do something arduous


How was the gym?

And Tinder?

Squeeze it too

Uber instant social media

makes cleaner only cleaner

the dust demanding



This wages to Landlords

Spending disposable predecessors.

Time is money

Life’s too short to spend it cleaning bathtub



Poem reworked from:”i” newspaper article: “How I got over middle-class guilt and learned to love my cleaner”.  April 2016

© Southampton Old Lady

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