New Banksy Street Art In Knightsbridge

I’ve been meaning to write about various street artists, starting with Banksy for some time now. But last night he came up with this one. So without further ado go to the very excellent London Calling site and read all about it

London Calling Blog

Well it’s been a while, but yesterday saw the arrival in London of Street Artist Banksy’s latest stencil work, and it has unsurprisingly caused quite the stir. The work which appeared at some point on Saturday night was placed up in Knightsbridge, somewhere you really don’t see any forms of Street Art, directly opposite the French Embassy. The work was created and placed in such a location to criticize and draw attention to the measures the French authorities are taking to deal with refugees in ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, namely the use of deploying CS gas as a form of crowd control on the thousands of refugees currently residing there.

The work features the iconic image of Cosette from Victor Hugo’s historical novel Les Miserables, an image that despite many upgrades has continued to be the iconic symbol of the Les Miserables story through its many incarnations, most notably…

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