2015 – A Year Of Street Art Exhibitions

When you cannot get to thriving art galleries in London that are not mainstream even if you could find them, then blogsites like londoncallingblog.net , which has only recently been brought to my attention, are a wonderful next-best-thing. I am reblogging this post looking back to year of street art exhibitions in London throughout 2015.
Happy New Year

London Calling Blog

Well here we are continuing our series of reviews of the year and we thought we would take a look back at the many exhibitions we have attended. Over the last year we have reported on some 47 exhibitions and have also attended many more that for varying reasons never made it to a blog post, but we will be sharing some of the highlights of all these shows here now.

In the process we have been all over London and become acquainted with many wonderful gallery spaces and visited a wide range of ‘pop-up’ spaces and smaller galleries. Whilst for some Street Art shouldn’t and doesn’t translate into a gallery scheme, we feel such a setting can afford some artists to push the boundaries of what they practice on the street, with some notable examples being either Borondo’s or Louis Masai’s solo exhibitions this year or the work of SAKI&Bitches who can…

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