Victorian Dolls – Derren Brown

Victorian doll twins 2

These larger-than-life-sized Victorian doll twins have been seen walking about London and its Underground today, alarming commuters.

Victorian doll twins

It turns out that this is part of stunt to advertise ‘a new dark ride’ at the Thorpe Park resort opening in 2016. The psychological attraction is devised by English illusionist, mentalist artist and magician Derren Brown(Search if you have not heard of him).

Following an accident last year at the Alton Towers attraction park, renowned for thrilling rides, traditional theme park numbers have declined. Yet there were record numbers for Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement park (see and Harry Potter tours. Thorpe Park turning its emphasis to the macabre, just might be what people are looking for.

Victorian doll twins 3

The Daily Mirror explained today that: “The Derren Brown experience will be the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction, designed to manipulate the human mind”.  These P.A photos are also from the article:  

For more details of this attraction at Thorpe Park visit :

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