‘Silent Movies’: art exhibition in an underground car park

I have been to quite a few events in carparks that I have had no time to write about. They are infinitely cheaper to exhibit at than galleries. I have beblogged Tanya Nash’s photo journal os a silent exhibition that took place in a London car-park As in silent movies it is all in black and white. If you like it like it on her site: https://tanyanashphotography.wordpress.com has

"Notice what you notice..."

Silent Movies‘: Art Exhibition 16 – 18th October 2015

Recently I’ve been following the work of street artists as they’ve moved indoors to established galleries. Meanwhile the fine artists and sculptors are moving to pop-up venues in spaces that feel more exterior.  Last month I went to an art exhibition in London’s West End, held in an underground car park.  Yes it was still an indoor venue but the vast space of the car park gave a sense of freedom and adventure.

The exhibition was being held as part of Frieze London, a 5 day annual contemporary art fair.  According to Q-Parking website, 20,000 sq ft was available to 100 artists.  And all the work had to be in black and white, suggested by the exhibition title, ‘Silent Movies‘.  Two friends of mine were exhibiting and that is how I heard about the show.  It…

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