Malala Yousafzai – Icon of our time – Education Activist, Children’s and Women’s Rights Campaigner

This is a wonderful piece of artwork from Willosworld. It says it all about this brave Pakistani girl who stood up against the Taliban. Not only am I a fan of Malala but also a fan of this wonderful Cancer Surviving artist. Please take a look at her blog – she has some wonderful pieces of artwork made from her hospital bed whilst undergoing chemo and other treatments.

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It’s just one year since the Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai in the head, on her way from school. She was taken to a local hospital in a critical condition and within an hour and a half, airlifted to a military hospital, where the doctors removed part of her scull to reduce the pressure on her brain.

Fortuitously, there were two visiting doctors from the UK at the hospital and although they thought the operation successful, they feared for her aftercare. She was airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, where she received treatment to restore her face and received a cochlear implant.  She made an amazing recovery – even giving a speech at the United Nations.

This young woman has been criticised by some in her own country as being a puppet of the West. Others have even suggested that she wasn’t shot at all – even though…

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